Terms of Use 4K-ready Test

zafaco GmbH (hereinafter referred to as the "Provider") shall make available a web application (hereinafter referred to as the „Offer“ or "4K-ready Test"), which end customers (hereinafter referred to as the "User(s)") may use to determine the video quality of fixed Internet connections.

Any inappropriate use or exploitation or modification of zafaco's Offer shall be prohibited. In particular, copying or exporting content, offers, indexes, databases etc. shall be prohibited and shall be prosecuted by the Provider in accordance with applicable legislation, exhausting all available legal remedies.

The Provider shall strive to present the information in the 4K-ready Test completely and correctly. Nevertheless, it shall give no warranties as to the availability of the 4K-ready Test or as to the accuracy and completeness of the content and information.

§ 1 Scope

The following Terms of Use shall apply to use of the 4K-ready Test and shall be accepted by invoking or using the Offer or an individual function thereof.

The general terms and conditions of Users, customers and partners shall not apply to direct business relationships with zafaco even if zafaco does not expressly object to them and/or provides its services without objection. This shall also apply in the event that the User, customer or partner has laid down a particular format for such an objection.

If an objection is excluded, the statutory provisions shall replace any conflicting terms. zafaco shall recognize divergent terms and conditions of business only if it has confirmed their applicability in writing.

zafaco reserves the right to amend these Terms at any time without giving reasons.

§ 2 Contract Formation, Scope of Services

Users who have full legal capacity or act with the consent of their legally authorized representatives shall be entitled to use the Offer.

The User shall be offered a free 4K-ready Test. This Offer shall be provided by the Provider itself or made available via third parties.

Users may use the 4K-ready Test to determine the locally available video quality.

The individual User, who initiates the measurement, shall have the results of the 4K-ready Test presented in a comprehensible format.

In order to be able to use this Offer, the User shall be required to provide certain information via the 4K-ready Test. This shall include, but not be limited to, information about the postal code and the used service provider. The User shall be obliged to give correct and complete information in this respect. The User may then use the functions of the Offer and shall receive detailed measurement results. 

The measurement results and additional information collected using the 4K-ready Test are used as a base to determine the status quo of the actual video quality. With this, the service provider will be supported during the audit of the video services.

The software developed in Germany and the national reference systems ensure that testing is performed to the highest quality standards in Germany.

zafaco reserves the right to make any use of the Offer contingent upon fulfilment of other requirements. Furthermore, the Provider alone reserves the right to create evaluations of the measurements in relation to multiple Users (according to town/city, region, postcode etc.).

The User shall be aware that zafaco's Offer may vary. The User shall have no legal entitlement to constant availability of the 4K-ready Test or downloadability of individual content. zafaco shall also be entitled to suspend or discontinue the Offer without giving reasons. Furthermore, zafaco shall be entitled to carry out technical modifications to meet market requirements.

§ 3 Warranty and Liability

The information provided in the 4K-ready Test shall make no claim of either correctness or completeness. Any use of the 4K-ready Test shall be at the User's own risk. The Provider shall, in particular, give no warranties as to the correctness, completeness or quality of the measurement results and information provided.

The User shall ensure that the 4K-ready Test as offered is used solely for lawful purposes. The User shall also undertake to refrain from any activities that impair, or might impair, the Offer's functionality.

Claims for damages arising from positive violation of contractual duty, from fault during contract formation or tort shall be excluded in relation to both zafaco and its performing or vicarious agents, unless the damages were caused intentionally or through gross negligence.

In other respects, zafaco shall, in principle, be liable solely for intent and gross negligence as well as culpable breach of a material contractual obligation. Liability shall be limited to foreseeable damages that typically occur. This shall not apply if zafaco has fraudulently concealed a defect or warranted the existence of a property. The same shall apply to zafaco's performing agents.

This shall not affect liability on account of culpable injury to life, limb or health or in accordance with the Produkthaftungsgesetz (German Product Liability Act). Further claims by the User, including, but not limited to, claims for damages on account of lost profit or other financial loss, shall be excluded.

zafaco shall accept no responsibility for links to other websites and services and shall, unless separately indicated, dissociate itself from any content downloadable via said links.

§ 4 Copyright, Confidentiality

The User shall be aware that zafaco and third parties (rights holders) hold copyrights to the content and offerings provided in the 4K-ready Test. The copyright and any and all rights to use and exploit the content and offerings provided shall rest with zafaco. Any further use (external links) or reproduction of the content – particularly for evaluation purposes – shall be prohibited.

In the event of violation of the aforementioned obligations, zafaco shall be entitled to claim in full for any loss or damage incurred.

§ 5 Data Protection

All personal data shall be treated in confidence in accordance with data protection regulations.

§ 6 General duties to furnish information in regards to the alternative resolution of disputes pursuant to Article 14 Subsection 1 ODR-VO (EU Regulation on Online Dispute Resolution) and § 36 VSBG (German Law on the Resolution of Disputes involving Consumers):

The European Commission is making available a platform for the online resolution of disputes (OS), which is retrievable at: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/

We are not under obligation and not willing to participate in a dispute resolution procedure conducted before a consumer arbitration committee.

§ 7 Final Provisions

Should individual provisions in these Terms of Use be wholly or partially invalid or contain a lacuna, this shall not affect the validity of the other provisions or parts thereof. The Parties shall be obliged, in such cases, to work together to create new provisions, through which a legally valid outcome that is as close as possible, in financial terms, to the invalid or incomplete provision is achieved while protecting the interests of both Parties.

The law of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply exclusively without giving effect to the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods or to references to foreign law.

Ancillary agreements have not been entered into and shall require the written form in order to be valid.

If the User is a merchant, a legal entity under public law or a public-law special fund or if the User is not domiciled in Germany, the sole legal venue shall be the domicile of zafaco GmbH. zafaco may also bring an action before the court having jurisdiction at the domicile of the User, customer or partner.