zafaco starts the kyago broadband test!

The kyago broadband test for municipalities and states provides an easy way to measure the speed of your Internet access online. The goal of the broadband test is to motivate as many households as possible which are provided with a high speed internet access as part of the broadband development program, to determine their status quo of the actually available data transfer rate.

Fixed and mobile connections

A test can be carried out free of charge for fixed connections at For mobile connections, measurements are possible with the free kyago app. A measurement can be performed independently from the internet access provider as well as the technology.

The app can be downloaded for Android in the Google-Store and for iOS in the  Apple-Store



Learn more about the kyago app.

Active citizen participation

Our kyago broadband test results help federal states and local authorities bring clarity to the expansion of the broadband development plan. This is the only way for federal states and local authorities to create transparency and sustainably ensure that all citizens are able to use the developed high-speed Internet.

Directly after measurement, citizens can access the results and the information derived from them.

The measurement results can be stored electronically, giving citizens the option of carrying out different measurements and comparing the results with each other.

About the kyago broadband test

With software developed in Germany and a national data referencing system, kyago meets the requirements set by the Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC). Access to the broadband test is free and without advertising.

A multi-level validation process regularly verifies the reported measurement data and end customer information (quality assurance measures).

As a reliable performance comparison is an important objective of the measurement concept from the provider's perspective, a constructive dialogue takes place between zafaco GmbH and providers.

From the developers of broadband measurement of the Bundesnetzagentur.