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The Broadbandtest

for federal, state & local governments

Test your broadband connection now!

By clicking on the "START TEST" button, you confirm that you have read and agree to the Data Privacy Conditions and Terms of Use, and particularly that you agree to the use of the data collected during the measurement process.

Did you recently sign a contract with a speed of at least 50 Mbit/s?

Please state your connections complete address
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Choose your broadband service provider.
For easy usage, you can input the first characters of your provider in the dropdown menu.

If your provider is not listed, please send us an e-mail,indicating the provider, to
Are you performing the measurement using a LAN-cable?
In order to obtain the most accurate statement possible, the measurement should be carried out using a tethered connection (LAN).
Please connect your terminal to your router using a LAN-cable during the measurement.

Measurements using untethered connections (WiFi) or Powerline are possible, but may affect the result
Preparing the measurement...
Determining Measurement parameters...
Measuring Download Speed...
Measuring Upload Speed...
Please perform the Broadbandtest as often as possible on various days and time of day during the test period.
0.00 Mbit/s 4 22 105 500 Nominal: 0 Mbit/s
0.00 Mbit/s 4 22 105 500 Nominal: 0 Mbit/s

An error occured

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